Gorgeous Personalised Cyrillic Name Necklace

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The epitome of beauty and personalization - the Gorgeous Personalised Cyrillic Name Necklace.

Crafted with precision and designed to make a statement, this exquisite Cyrillic Name Necklace is the perfect embodiment of style, beauty, and individuality.

You can get your own name, the name of a significant other, BFF, pet, parent, or a meaningful word in Cyrillic. ❤️ 


Wear your beautiful name in ANY Cyrillic Script! ❤️🌟

Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Uzbek, Tajik, Turkmen, Azerbaijani, Mongolian, Abkhaz, Ossetian, Chuvash, Bashkir, Chechen, Ingush, Komi, Mari, Tatar, Yakut (Sakha), Gagauz, Komi-Permyak, Udmurt, Sakha (Yakut), Khakas, Dolgan, Altai, Shor, Tuvinian, Evenki, Nenets, Chukchi, Nganasan, Selkup, Nivkh, Dungan, Koryak, Yupik, Even, Aleut, Buryat, Kalmyk (Oirat), Yakut (Sakha), Karakalpak, Komi-Zyrian, Moksha, Erzya, Kabardian, Avar, Lezgian, Rusyn, Crimean Tatar, Karakhanid (Eastern Karakhanid), Khanty, Mansi etc.❤️🌟

Please type the name in Cyrillic. ❤️🌟


This is a custom made necklace. It is of high quality. The color of the necklace will not fade.

Which length should you choose?

45cm is the most popular length, and most females like to wear their necklaces at this length. (See size chart above). However, if you would like it to be  bit shorter, 40cm would be ideal. If you would like it a bit longer, 50cm or 55cm would be ideal.


🥇 The "Best-Selling Cyrillic Name Necklace." ❤️ 

Shop with confidence and celebrate your identity with the best-selling Cyrillic Name Necklace. A cherished necklace that is loved by many for its beauty and cultural significance.

Join the countless satisfied customers who proudly wear their identity and have found joy and satisfaction in this beautiful Cyrillic Name Necklace.

It is the perfect gift for yourself or someone else. ❤️

Package includes:

Gorgeous Personalized Cyrillic Name Necklace &
Free Gift Box

Waterproof jewelry

Treat yourself or someone special *✦

Affordable Luxury

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